Verity in Age of Conan!

It’s official! Verity is going to give Age of Conan a try to see what we think. If you’re interested in joining us then release begins in 5 days on 5/20/2008. Those that pre-ordered and secured their “early play” spot can begin downloading immediately and play starting this Saturday.

We mentioned in the guild meeting a few weeks ago that some members were interested in taking a look at Age of Conan while we took a break from raiding in World of Warcraft. Since then, a few Verity people got into beta and we’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of good things.

Although we’re not entirely sure how many Verity members we’ll have starting off in AoC, from the amount of interest and number of pre-orders we expect a good group. There are a few that are working on upgrading their computers and may start a little later than the rest.

Once we see which servers are available and decide on the server type, we’ll post all of the information here on the website. We should know this information early on Saturday, May 17th. We’ll also try to work up an AoC roster so others can see who’s playing what and going by which name.

Our plans for Conan are to go into this with expectations of fun and excitement. We’ll be establishing a guild in-game as early as possible, but from what we understand some of us will need level 20 before we can do that. Just as we have done in the past we’ll be playing things by ear while we explore Hyboria.

We’ll of course keep you apprised of any new developments. We’re looking forward to some good times this weekend! =D

Until then, Venge uploaded some beta screenshots in the AoC image gallery.

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