Everquest Next Landmark

Everquest Next Landmark
  1. Everquest Next Landmark

EQNL alpha is nearly upon us, rumored to begin the last half of this month, and if you’ve purchased the Trailblazer or Explorer pack you’ll see us there. Everquest Next Landmark is an online social building game (think Minecraft on steroids only way better). You can build anything you can imagine, dig through the world to the unknown below, build mountains, explore, collect resources and even earn real life cash for your creations.

Cash? Finally we can make money doing what we love. “Player Studio is part and parcel with the game,” says David Georgeson, Director of Development,. “People can make money off the templates and creations they make, but that doesn’t help a harvester at all. So we’ve gone to the step of saying that they can collect resources and put bundles of resources up on Player Studio. They can also sell them for coin or just give them away if they want. So that allows them to have a submarket, a subculture that’s running through and doing all these things, and they’re getting to do the things they really love, and then the people who just want to build can just build if they want to.”

Check out the EQNL gameplay video to get an idea of what it’s all about.

Everquest Next Landmark is a different game from the upcoming and much anticipated Everquest Next and will continue to exist independently even after EQN’s launch. For more information on Everquest Next prepare to be blown away when you watch SOE’s live presentation video below.

Some of us have already purchased the Trailblazer pack and will begin alpha soon, hopefully in the next week or two. For early beta access and bonus in-game items you’ll need a Founder’s Pack available for purchase through alpha and closed beta, but one is not necessary if you just want to play when the game is officially launched. More information can be found on the Everquest Next Landmark website.


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