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We’ve been hearing EC and Skuld talk about WildStar for years now. I’ve been smiling and nodding all along because the game *was* years away. Suddenly, or what seems suddenly to me, I find myself excited and blown away by a game I mentally wrote off. Yay me, release is right around the corner on June 3rd. In fact, I’m playing in the WildStar beta tomorrow with Venge, Eclair, Skuld and Tinylock.

Verity defeats Illidan Stormrage - March 20, 2008

Verity defeats Illidan Stormrage – March 20, 2008

^^6 years ago to the day of this post

Ask a Verity member about our WoW raiding days and you will likely catch them looking dreamily off into the distance, a blissful sigh escaping their lips. It’s been hard to re-create that magic; people got tired of the “same old” while new games have been missing the mark in some way. In the interim WoW is still popular with many of our members as is GW2 and the few odd games here and there…

…until this:

Customization of EVERYthing -> on Steroids

Seriously, just watch this video (haha, no, that’s not a WoW video):


Verity IRC Channel
3/17/2014 6:02:01 PM @|V|Eclair: that, and i found i liked gear progression which actually surprised me

Close to the heart of any serious gamer is the tickling fragrance of new gear and the feeling of being an even bigger badass as you put it on. Raids are the heart of WildStar – and they’re hardcore. It’s kinda like WoW raiding with some GW2 combat mechanics mixed in so you’re not just standing there casting, you’re moving around, dodging or even double-dodging. They’ve designed it as “a mix of the old school and the new school.”

Quick Feature Checklist

  • Trinity system
  • Gear progression
  • 20/40-man raids + attunement
  • “Choose-your-own-ending” dungeons
  • Open world PvP, duels, battlegrounds, arenas + warplots
  • Robot & hamster races + many more
  • Player housing to the max
  • Customizable mounts
  • Wicked sense of humor
  • H o v e r b o a r d s
  • …and much more [website]

Play to Pay

So there’s a monthly subscription for playing WildStar which at first seems kinda icky considering some of us have been mostly playing F2P games, but there’s a cool twist. First, you get 30 days of game time free when you buy the game. When your 30 days are up you can choose to pay for your subscription with RL cash or in-game gold. Learn more about C.R.E.D.D.

Join Us In WildStar

If you’re interested in joining us during the WildStar beta weekends you can pre-order or you can try to sweet talk one of the 7-day guest passes from someone who does pre-order. Pre-ordering will also come with quite a few bonus items. It comes in two versions:

Compare WildStar Editions

Click image to compare WildStar editions

Save 20% On Your Pre-Order
Right now, for who knows how long, you can save 20% when you pre-order WildStar from Green Man Gaming using a “voucher” (coupon) code. Just do a quick Google search for one.

WildStar Beta Weekends

3/21/14 @ 7:00 AM PDT – 3/23/14 @ 11:59PM PDT
4/04/14 @ 7:00 AM PDT – 4/06/14 @ 11:59PM PDT
4/18/14 @ 7:00 AM PDT – 4/20/14 @ 11:59PM PDT
5/02/14 @ 7:00 AM PDT – 5/04/14 @ 11:59PM PDT

All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (GMT – 7)

Check it out!

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