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We’re Verity, an 11-year old multi-gaming guild, probably best described as a small, tight-knit gaming community. Our members are experienced, passionate and personable gamers and we’re looking for more of the same. If you’ve been searching for a gaming “home” with a proven history instead of watching another start-up guild crumble down around you, keep reading!


We attribute our longevity to our commitment to recruiting people rather than characters. For example, instead of spam inviting random people or accepting nearly every application we receive, you’ll find we’re the exact opposite. We’re particular about who we accept into our family, so our recruiting team goes through each application searching for exceptional individuals who may be a good fit. Only a small percentage of our applications are approved, but as a result we end up with new family members and less drama. Female applicants are encouraged to apply and will be in good company with our other female members in a hassle-free environment.

Some of what we offer:

  • Over 11 years of experience
  • A full-featured guild website
  • A private Mumble server
  • Active Officers
  • Active Veterans
  • Helpful, friendly and highly skilled members
  • Fair and logical raiding and reward systems
  • A casual raiding commitment with end-game progression results
  • Very low to no drama
  • Friends + Family membership program

What we look for in applicants:

  • Maturity, we cannot stress this quality enough
  • Desire to do well at work/school; real life is balanced
  • A stable Internet connection and a sufficient gaming rig
  • Good communication skills
  • Loyalty
  • A sense of humor and an easy-going personality; we do not tolerate drama
  • Commitment to main character development
  • A belief that gear is a means to progression, not the reverse (you’re not in it for the loot)
  • Know your class and perform as such
  • Age 18+ (unless mentored by a Verity member)

Our Members

A little bit about Verity’s members. Many of us have been playing together for years which shows in the camaraderie between us. Our members are a bit older and most have family, work and/or school commitments, but many were (or still are) hardcore gamers. In the past we’ve taken a casual approach to progression, raiding 2-3 days per week, but because of our organization, dedication and skills we have shared in the same top end-game accomplishments as guilds with more members and far greater time commitments.

How to Apply

Visit our membership requirements page and then go here fill out an application. If your app shows you might be a good fit for us we’ll get in touch and set up an interview. New members come aboard as recruits for 30 days until the end of their trial period. After that they’ll become a full member and gain complete access to the website and member features, including our private forums.

Have any questions or comments? Get in touch with us.

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