WildStar F2P is Almost Here

WildStar F2P
  1. WildStar F2P
  2. Marauder Costume Set

Just in case you haven’t heard the whispers, some Verity members plan to check out WildStar when it goes free-to-play on September 29 (view Roll Call).  If you’re interested in joining us (and we hope you do!) there are a few things you should know:

We’re Transferring to the Entity Server

We originally started out on a PvP server, but when the megaservers became a thing it seems the entire population moved to the PvE megaserver Entity. We’re picking up and moving to Entity as well since living in a ghost town is not our idea of a good time and server transfers are currently free.

We’ll be keeping Verity intact on Warhound still, just in case, but we’ve created a new Verity on the PvE server (Entity). This means once you’ve transferred over to our new server you’ll need to whisper Nettle Wyldeheart, Venge Wyldeheart or Ronfar Highwind for your guild invite (we’re Exiles). If we’re not online at the time then pop in IRC and see if we’re there.

Free Server Transfers End with Free-to-Play

Beginning September 28, all server transfers will be suspended for at least a few weeks. Once transfers are available again they’ll cost $20. To take advantage of free transfers now you can do 1 of 3 things:

  1. Purchase a physical box copy of WildStar (see Mystery Box Promo below)
  2. Use CREDD
  3. Re-activate your subscription

$10 Mystery Box Promo + 30-days Game Time

GameStop still has a small supply of WildStar box copies for $10.

If you purchase a physical box copy of WildStar it’ll come with a game code you can apply to your account. The game code will get you 30-days of game time, so you can take advantage of free server transfers for all your characters, and a Bag O’ Riches. The bag will contain either 1 of 2 amazingly awesome mounts or a kew costume. (See more below.)

  • Snarfelynx Mount

  • Glitter Kitty Cruiser

  • Marauder Costume Set

    Marauder Costume Set

New to WildStar?

Check out the video on classes below to get a feel for the humor and flavor of WildStar. You can also check out Verity’s original WildStar announcement for more videos and links.

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