About Verity


We’re Verity, a 13-year old MMO multi-gaming community with a casual-hardcore approach to end-game progression. We’re hardcore gamers at heart who put real life first and want to make the most of the gaming time we have.  We don’t have time for nor do we tolerate drama.  Instead, we treat one another as family and inevitably our gaming friendships spill over into long-lasting real-life friendships.

The Concept

Verity’s concept came from our previous experience with both big and small guilds. We found that in almost every case the successful raiding guilds were large and devoted countless hours to conquering end-game content. On the flip side, the guilds that made you feel like family were usually small and lagged far behind in content progression. For Verity we wanted the best of both worlds: a low-drama guild teeming with skilled and mature players for successful raid progression, but not at the expense of missing out on our real lives.

Did you know…

Verity began as a hardcore Everquest 2 guild on August 23, 2003. We were one of the fastest leveling guilds on the Mistmore server achieving both server and world firsts.

We began playing World of Warcraft on Silvermoon in December 2004, moving 2 years later to the then newly released Executus server where you’ll still find us today. We became the 3rd Alliance guild on the server to become content-complete before the Sunwell patch (nerf). We raided just 2 nights per week.

Games We’ve Played

    Our Members

    Today you’ll find most of our members have been a part of Verity for years, some for over a decade. The majority of us have been gaming since we can remember and have years of raiding experience under our belts. We’re also a mature fun-loving crowd, but at the same time we know when to put our heads down and focus on the task at hand. Our camaraderie and passion for gaming creates a great escape from reality and makes Verity appealing to friends, family, couples and former hardcore gamers alike who do not have the time to devote to a demanding raiding schedule.


    Verity is guided by a Guild Council consisting of 2 Guild Leaders and 6 Guild Officers. Together the council designs and implements systems and procedures, reviews and approves applications, interviews potential new members and manages daily operations. Members find our systems fair and logical, and whenever possible, the systems hold each member accountable for their own rewards and advancement.

    Verity Guild Council

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      - Guild Leader

      Joined in 2003
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      - Guild Leader

      Joined in 2003
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      - Officer

      Joined in 2004
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      - Officer

      Joined in 2007
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      - Officer

      Joined in 2007
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      - Officer

      Joined in 2004
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      - Officer

      Joined in 2006
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      - Officer

      Joined in 2006
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    • Recruitment

      To keep our guild environment enjoyable and drama-free we’re careful when recruiting. We’ve never been about “spamming” guild invites just to assemble a mass of players, in fact, we’re quite the opposite. Carefully selecting the right members to join our family has been one of our core standards from the beginning.

    • Interested in becoming a Verity member? We’ve put together a section for you that outlines our guidelines and recruiting process.


    Verity is officially an EST guild, however, there are no time zone restrictions. We raid twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST. If we find we need to add another evening for progression it will be Wednesday.