• wildstar

    WildStar Is Here…Sorta

    We’ve been hearing EC and Skuld talk about WildStar for years now. I’ve been smiling and nodding all along because the game *was* years away. Suddenly, or what seems suddenly to me, I find myself excited and blown away by a game I mentally wrote off. Yay me, release is right around the corner…

  • Everquest Next Landmark

    Everquest Next Landmark

    EQNL alpha is nearly upon us, rumored to begin the last half of this month, and if you’ve purchased the Trailblazer or Explorer pack you’ll see us there. Everquest Next Landmark is an online social building game (think Minecraft on steroids only way better). You can build anything you can imagine, dig through the world […]

  • 2013-big-changes

    Big Changes Coming to GW2!

    Before the end of 2013 we’re going to see some amazing updates to Guild Wars 2. The Living World will continually be expanding with more content, experiences, dynamic events and even the return of some of our favorite festivals and super adventures. Changes to advancement will introduce new skills and traits you’ll be able to […]

  • fractalicious

    Dun Dun Dungeons

    For the last couple of months some of us have been enjoying the new content in Guild Wars 2, leveling new characters and running dungeons and fractals on a regular basis. As usual we’re gaming through the week after 7 PM EST and throughout the weekends. With no monthly subscription fee it’s easy to patch up and join us. Don’t forget to hop in Mumble in and say “hey!”

  • GW2 2013 New Content

    Warm Up To New Content

    We’re barely into the new year and rumor has it we’re going to see some new Guild Wars 2 content in January & February – and it’s BIG! Bigger than anything we’ve seen in the past 3 months, “an expansion’s worth of content” according to a recent interview with Colin Johanson, GW2’s game director. Check […]

  • Protect Your GW2 Account

    Protect Your GW2 Account

    Getting hacked sucks – just ask any member who’s gone through it. Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, just a couple of weeks ago, already 2 of our very own have been hacked. Fortunately they were able to get their accounts restored, but for days they went without their accounts while they spent their […]

  • Guild Wars 2 Is Finally Here

    Off To A Running Start

    What an amazing 2 weeks we’ve had in Guild Wars 2 so far! We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard members say how great it is to see everyone again and it truly has been a treat. We’re seeing people trickle in that we haven’t seen in so long you might have thought […]

  • New GW2 Server

    In light of recent developments we will NOT be starting on Northern Shiverpeaks. We have changed our home server to Stormbluff Isle. See you there!

  • Today’s the day!

    In just a few hours Guild Wars 2 will launch and our days of hack and slash fun will once more be here! Our current server is Northern Shiverpeaks, but make sure you are in the new mumble server and checking the website a bit prior to launch for the most up to date information!

  • The Secret World

    If you’ve been in IRC at all in the last few months then you’ve probably heard us talking about The Secret World which is due to release on June 19th. Pre-ordering just became available and if you decide to go that route you’ll get access to beta weekends beginning May 11th along with some other […]