• Rift 1.5

    Ashes of History is going live in Rift this week bringing with it some big and interesting changes. Remember AA points in EQ? Planar attunement, similar to EQ’s AA, will offer advancement past level 50. New master dungeons, more challenging than the current expert level, will go live in addition to 1 and 2-man dungeons, […]

  • Get Your Rift On

    Some of us have started playing Rift again (and for the first time). We’re playing very casually to hang out, so if you’re interested we invite you to join us. We’re currently located on the Deepwood server (although we may transfer, stay tuned!) and we’ve chosen the Guardian faction. For invites and more visit this […]

  • We’re Recruiting!

    Verity has opened its doors and for a limited time we’re recruiting a few select individuals to join our gaming family! If you’re interested in becoming a member we invite you to complete a confidential application. Want to get to know us better? Say “hello” in our forums and/or visit our IRC chat channel. Contact […]

  • Go Verity Go!

    It’s been a wild ride since Cataclysm’s release on December 7th. In just the first week we’ve had 27 members ding 85, the guild dinged level 4 and we have 16 guild achievements! Great work everyone! Be sure to check the guild rewards tab to view what we’ve earned so far.

  • Ready to Decide?

    The Cataclysm release date of December 7, 2010, is right around the corner! Do you know which one of your many characters you will choose as your main in the expansion? Tell us your thoughts on our official Cataclysm Class Poll! For those that change your mind on a daily basis (you know who you […]

  • Can You Feel It?

    Summertime. Friends. Clean roster. It can only mean one thing…Verity’s casual-gaming fest has begun! The rumors are true: Venge and Nettle and other Verity Old Timers have been spotted lint-rolling their tabards and patching up their gear in what can only be described as “deja vu.”

  • Kalin Shrine – 5-Manned

    Kalin Shrine was officially cleared by Verity last night (2/22) with the demise of the 6th and final boss: Regin. 5-manning it proved challenging

  • Verity in Runes of Magic

    What is Runes of Magic? Is it really free? Yes, it’s a free MMO that looks and plays a lot like WoW, but with some big differences such as the dual class system – it’s like having a main and an alt in one! You level by questing and there are plenty of dungeons and […]

  • Verity on Triniel in Aion

    Verity has chosen Triniel as our Aion server where we’ll be playing Elyos. Character preselection begins on Friday, September 18th at 3:00PM EDT. If you preordered Aion then you’re eligible to particiate. During preselection you’ll be able to login in and create a total of two characters, but you must do this before Sunday, September […]

  • Aion Recruiting

    [singlepic id=46 w=320 h=240 float=center] Recruiting for Aion has officially begun for all classes!  At this time we’re reviewing applications and conducting Ventrilo interviews from which trial memberships will be offered to a select few to join our core of long-time members. We’ve chose the Triniel server, and our goals for Aion at release will […]

  • Folks, We Have A Keep! (Video)

    On Sunday, May 25, 2008, Verity erected its keep high in the snow covered mountains surrounding Lacheish Plains. See exclusive video of Verity’s keep being built, after the jump! New screenshots of the keep in the AoC gallery! It was a clear afternoon with the ceremony being led by Wolffire, Verity’s first architect, shortly before […]

  • A Day After Release

    With the Age of Conan being released yesterday, more Verity members were able to get in on the action last night. After many of us took a gaming break for a few weeks it’s good to get back to grouping up and back in Vent. Verity’s AoC in-game guild was established over the weekend and […]