• Verity Selects Derketo Server for AoC!

    Tomorrow begins Age of Conan’s early access program for those that acted in time for the limited offer, whereas Tuesday, May 20th, is set as the day for the official release. Verity has chosen a server… Tomorrow, May 17th, Verity is going to begin on the Derketo PvE server in Age of Conan. We’ve selected […]

  • Verity in Age of Conan!

    It’s official! Verity is going to give Age of Conan a try to see what we think. If you’re interested in joining us then release begins in 5 days on 5/20/2008. Those that pre-ordered and secured their “early play” spot can begin downloading immediately and play starting this Saturday. We mentioned in the guild meeting […]

  • Guild Ding!

    Thanks to those who participated in last nights Guild Leveling night! Despite the extremely crowded conditions in Stormhold we were still able to ding level 8! Please be sure to check the Guild Progress forum for our next scheduled guild leveling event. Bodhi posted a note from Moorgard in the Member Discussion forum where Moorgard […]

  • Ding Guild Level 9!

    Verity dinged guild level 9 last night and a big thanks to those who participated in the Writ Party: Fulkrum, Viacellous, Bodhi, Lysithea, Trula & Maxim. Thank you also to Mackentil, Dourin and Zemus who were ready to tackle the CoB/RoV writs but lacked a tank. Check the Guild Progress forum for the dates and […]

  • Guild Writs Have Changed!

    Moorgard recently announced that there were upcoming changes to the way guild status works (read the post) and now it has been confirmed that we have new writs based on player level rather than guild level! Lysithea got new writs yesterday by going to the old NPC’s first who then directed her to the new […]

  • Verity Dings Level 3!

    A big thanks to all of those who showed up today to help Verity ding level 3! Good work all, today was a big success and we will do it again in the very near future. Go Verity!

  • Guild Leveling Day!

    This Saturday (11/13/04) we plan to focus on leveling the guild by doing guild status quests. All members are invited! Dorin has started a thread on the message board regarding this event so go here to see it. We do not have a set time, this is just something we’re going to do on Saturday, […]

  • Official Guild Server

    The day we’ve all been waiting for!! It’s official – Verity’s new home for Everquest 2 is on the Mistmoore server!! See you all there soon!

  • EQ 2 Release Date!!

    It’s official!! The moment we’ve all been waiting for – Everquest 2 will be shipped on November 8, 2004 to retail stores! You can read about on the official SOE boards here. YAY!

  • Beta NDA Has Been Lifted!

    SOE announced yesterday that they have officially lifted the NDA and now we are free to discuss beta in public and with anyone we choose. To celebrate, we have created new beta forums in the Verity Members Only section of the message board where we can share our thoughts and game discoveries with one another. […]

  • EQ2 Open Beta Coming Soon!

    Well, its in the offical news. It seems that beta is progressing quite nicely and they are planning on opening open beta soon and removing the NDA. Check it out here

  • Stratics Chat with the Developers!

    The Stratics House of Commons held a live chat with the developers of Everquest 2 and Sirotto was kind enough to provide us with a transcript. You can read it here in our fourms!