• Maxim Interviews with

    As some of you know, last night Maxim participated in an interview with Kura, PR Director for and Guild Leader of Kura Kusa. The web site is new and will deal with all things related to Everquest 2. A unique aspect to their site is that they’re featuring various EQ 2 guilds and […]

  • EQ2 Update

    Most of you have probably seen this by now, but just in case it has slipped past you: Read the latest update They are passing out LOE/Legend beta invites it seems and hopefully will reach all of us soon!

  • 24 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

    Someone recently posted a link on the official SOE forums where you can download 24 minutes of gameplay footage. The narration is in German, however, the dialogue in-game is in English. The beginning shows the character creation, which you can fast forward through if you already have your CC disc. During the boat ride you […]

  • Fileplanet / Gamespy Movies

    I am sure some of you have already seen these but Trula and I just watched them last night and they are worth downloading. Get them here There are 41 movies total. You can get them individually or they have them as 2 big .zip files for easy downloading. We downloaded Movie Pack #2 (which […]

  • Updated EQ 2 Preview

    Gamespy has an article with a few new tidbits of information regarding tradeskilling and gathering raw materials and also a few more details about your house and what you can do in it. Also, the article includes links to 8 new area tours, 16 new videos and over 60 new screenshots! Check it out!

  • Artisan Tree Change & More!

    Hey all, if you haven’t read it yet, go check out this article at EQ 2 Vault: Read it here The artisan tree has changed, it tells about 2 different types of guild members within a guild and how 12-36 members is the perfect number for a guild to be. Some interesting stuff. Enjoy ~

  • New Starting Stats & Interview

    The starting stats for every race, with the exception of humans, has drastically changed! You can see the new stats side by side in this post, or visit the official EQ 2 web site to view them individually. In addition, here is an interesting interview with Andy Sites that talks about adding content to the […]

  • Interview with Moorgard & Roster Update

    In this interview, Moorgard talks about quests, DPS, weapons and armor. Also, if you haven’t seen the latest movie, it is an in-depth look at EQ 2 narrated by Scott Hartsman. The footage was all taken directly from the game. On a another note, some of you may have noticed that we’re missing 2 Verity […]

  • Character Creation Disc

    A big thanks to Prontoganin for lending his character creation disc and to Vyktor and Fulcrum for making it available to our members. Some of you have not yet had an opportunity to see it up close, so here is a synopsis and some screenshots. If there is something you are particularly curious about let […]

  • Character Creation Disc & Frogloks

    Well it seems that the Character Creation discs for EQ2 are being released. A few have claimed to gotten them already from their local Gamestop. No luck in our part of the world but hopefully by wednesday they say. Here is a thread about it Also it seems you can not create a froglok on […]

  • Character Models Updated

    SOE just announced that they have refined some of the character models and they’re promising to reveal others in the coming weeks. For now you can see the new dark elf, half elf and human models.