• TV Interview with Scott Hartsman

    A new EQ2 TV interview that shows in-game footage in the background. Most of the footage looks new with minor battle scenes, but the information in the interview is nothing we haven’t heard before. It’s still worth checking out and you can see it here: Watch the video

  • Join Us On The Nameless

    Hail Verity! It was a sad day last week when we learned that Priston Tale beta has finally ended and we can no longer play for free. In our efforts to find another way to enjoy the company of our fellow guildies we are resurrecting our EQ Live characters temporarily. For those interested this will […]

  • The Druids Grove – EQ2 Interview

    Find out more about the role of druids in EQ2 by reading this recent interview. The questions were answered by SOE’s Steve Danuser and EJ Moreland and was posted on The Druid’s Grove.

  • Happy 4th!

    Happy 4th of July guild Verity ~ Not much news to post on EQ2 other than we all wish it would just get here sooner. There are 6 new screens if you haven’t seen them yet. Other than that, we hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend and will chat with you in […]

  • Clan Verity in Priston Tale and a new member Welcome

    We now have a clan in Priston Tale on the Galantia server. Those who are interested in joining please see Fulcrum. Read Thread here Also want to welcome the newest Verity Member: Shaerra (Mage) Welcome aboard! Looking forward to getting this guild in the game and on the way to being a success ~ By […]

  • Welcome New Members!

    All welcome the 2 newest members into guild -=Verity=- Viacellous (Priest) Leorio (Scout) Looking forward to many adventures together. We are getting closer, we hope, to atleast getting beta started.

  • Interview with Moorgard & 5 New Screens

    A new interview with Moorgard including 5 exclusive screenshots. He doesn’t really give away anything earth-shattering, but he answers questions on a lot of different topics – everything from video cards to class balancing.

  • New goodies from GameSpy

    If you haven’t seen it yet check out the new information from GameSpy. Find it here 249 New Screens, 5 Movies and lotsa tidbits. Enjoy ~

  • Welcome New Members

    I wanted to post a welcome to our 3 newest members to guild Verity. Perkler – (Fighter) Ulthane – (Scout) Fulcrum – (Mage) Looking forward to many fun adventures together. Please make them feel at home.

  • SOE Developer Q & A IRC Transcript – 6/2/2004

    The first ever SOE Developer chat was held today at 5:00 PM EST in which developers & others responded to questions that were submitted by EQ2 fans from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM EST. Among those who answered questions: Sean Kauppinen from SOE PR, Chris Cao, a development lead for EQ2, Scott Hartsman, an EQ2 […]

  • The First Everquest 2 Developer Chat

    Just wanted to let everyone know this was happening Wednesday. A lot are speculating possible beta specifics or other goodies. It will be in IRC in a different server than the Verity IRC channel. I will be tuning into it wearing my |V| tag and hope others will join me as well. You will need […]

  • New Media – Videos and Screens

    You have seen parts of some of these videos but now with talking dragon and a high res version of the orcs which is one of the best graphics I have yet to see for the game period. Stunning landscapes. Talking Dragon 2 boss mob dungeon fight with voice Orc Citadel Hi-Res (MUST SEE) AND […]