• Race Progression / New members / Recruiting Closed

    Found this post on the official forums and thought it was worth a post here. It shows how the races have progressed since EQ release. Kinda funny but makes me long more for EQ2.. Check it out Also, welcome newest members of Verity: Valdrid – (priest) Smoothcriminal- (mage) Looking forward to our adventures together ~ […]

  • Weekend Madness ~

    A few things to share today. First off we wanted to welcome our 3 newest members: Mackentil – (priest) Prontoganin – (fighter) Crazee – (mage) We look forward to many adventures together. May we all share in many riches and good times! Also, in the latest pcgamer article, there was some good info and someone […]

  • Character Customization Software

    In a recent E3 video Moorgard states that Character Customization software will be released in August 2004. We will be able to create our characters and then upload them to Everquest II when the game goes live. This is great news! You can view the video at Everquest II Vault, but be warned – the […]

  • New CG Trailer

    New video I hear its great, although I have not watched it yet as I am still in line at Fileplanet to download it. It is big (254 MB): Get it here

  • The Little Things

    Here are couple of articles that include some very interesting game details: “Trade skills have come a long way…One of the more interesting features is the ability to stamp your signature on items that you create, as well as place a footnote along with the signature.” This article isn’t just about tradeskills – find out […]

  • 6 New Movies !

    Wow! These are must see movies. It’s in-game footage of things ranging from new mages learning how to cast to very intense cool battle scenes! They are large zip files but worth it. A couple dont have sound which I will note below: Qeynos (67.4MB) Awesome Battle Scenes (111.3MB) Qeynos (76.3MB) Kerra Character Creation (46.4MB) […]

  • NEW Info Released Today!!

    Sony just released A TON of new information about classes, races, tradeskills, etc. complete with pictures, sample spell lists, images of armor and weapons and animated emotes! Visit the official Everquest 2 website for details.