FF14 is awesome. Also hi!

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    Yeah yeah, I know. I ended up burning myself out on guild wars 2 really fast. After getting my legendary there just wasn’t much to do at the end game and I got bored. Sorry for that.

    Cut to this past Sept.

    Final Fantasy 14 was re released after the terrible flop that was 1.0. I remember trying it and thinking how awful and clunky it was. The game has been completely reworked from head to toe. Even the main storyline is all new and takes place 5 years after the 1.0 story. The interface to the graphics were all redone and it had been sucking me in deep.

    Almost 6 months after starting I’m still hooked to this game. It’s overwhelming how much content is coming out in patches. Some of you may remember I’m not really of fan of making alts and I prefer to stick to one character. Well get this, I’ve actually reached lvl cap on 2 classes and I’ve been working on the rest between the daily, weekly, and end game content. There’s 7 classes that branch into 9 jobs and they all feel really different.

    I could probably go into great detail about all the things FF14 has going for it and I’d be happy to discuss it with anyone that wants to listen, but I encourage everyone to check it out.

    If you want to try it out you can buy it for 15 dollars on amazon and it comes with 30 days of play time. I’ll even purchase it for someone that is somewhat skeptical, but is willing to try it. No monetary risk to you. I’m confident it’s that good.

    I’ll be waiting for all of you on the Leviathan server. As always I enjoy playing with you, my friends, and hope we can get together once more.

    Ninja Edit:

    Wanted to quickly say that early game dungeons are 4 man while end game expands into several 8 man raids and a 24 man raid. Each patch adds more. Some of this stuff requires a lot of group coordination and gear checks and I have yet to clear it all.

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    One day it’s like “Hey Chyster, check out my legendary.” The next day the only thing left of you was trail dust hanging in the air.

    Never played FF. I wonder if they have a trial or something….


    Yeah it was pretty much like that. I was thinking “I have this really cool sword, now what?” PvP got old fast.

    They don’t have a trial, but at 15 dollars you’re getting the game for free and just paying for a month’s sub. I can hook you up if you want, only request is that you tell everyone else your honest opinion of it after playing.

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    Ok so I couldn’t resist the steam deal ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/262341/ ) and decided to give it a shot, given my long love affair with final fantasy. Is there a verity free company or anything? I went ahead and joined Brynhildr just in case.


    Negative on Verity Free company. I think you and I are the only ones playing atm.

    You can find me online as Kai Kyosuke. I’ll be on alot over the next week.

    Edit: I’m getting ready to transfer to Leviathan. Brynhildr is about the 2nd least populated server so I wanted to move to one with a bit more of a pop. Leviathan is somewhere in the middle of that and I know some people on that server so it only makes sense for me to head that way right now. Before you get too invested in a character on Bryn I’d make one on Leviathan.

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    im in or i was in the ps4 beta for it. my computer cant handle games anymore so until i get a new one im on console game


    Sorry to hear about your computer. I’m glad you can at least still enjoy the game on ps4. Once it actually launches you can find me on the Leviathan server as Kai Kyosuke. The group I recently started raiding with has cleared most content. Trying to get it down before the next content drop at the end of the month. I suppose I’ll see you in April when it launches for PS4.

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    cross platforum?


    Yes, the PC and PS3 share the same servers. PS4 is in beta on separate servers, but will be joining the others when it is officially released for that console next month. There’s a lot of people playing this game thanks to the cross platforming.


    Patch 2.2 is launching around the end of this month/beginning of next. There are several new dungeons coming out and gear progression is being extended. Yoshida (lead developer) has said that the expansion they are working on for release at the end of the year will have as much content as the game did when it was released.

    Its already a bit overwhelming what you can do in this game. Its tough to imagine how they could double it.

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