Getting Ready for Raiding – Legion Edition

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    Verity will be officially resuming raiding in World of Warcraft on September 27th, raiding two nights per week (Tuesday/Thursday) from 7pm-10pm EST. This is one week after the Emerald Nightmare opens, but as a significant portion of our raid roster is going to be unavailable the week of the 20th (due to a certain someone getting married…), we thought it would be better to delay a week. This will also give some folks that need it a little extra time to get prepared, as well as allow us to have a week spent in Mythic+ content for some upgrades and a cache. Of course, everyone is free to do as they please with their Emerald Nightmare lockout for the week of the 20th, and I’m sure there will be some opportunities to be found, whether with guildmates or through the group finder. I would expect our prospective raid force will be in the ~840+ iLvl range with main spec artifacts about 17-19 levels deep by the 27th. If you plan to carry an offspec (and we hope you do), said artifacts should be level 13.

    Be Prepared

    As we have in the past, we expect our raid force to be prepared and possess the tools necessary to perform their roles to the best of their abilities. Here is a brief rundown of some of the things our raiders will need to be aware of.

    Recommended Addons

    DBM (or an alternative like Bigwigs) is a required addon for raiding with Verity.
    Weakauras or similar is recommended to help present data and improve performance.
    Details, currently the far and away best damage meter type suite available is recommended.
    GTFO will let you know if you are standing in the fire (or void zones, etc).

    Do Your Homework

    Everyone is expected to have a strong understanding of their own chosen specialization. This includes being able to assess whether or not a given piece of equipment is desirable as an upgrade. During Warlords of Draenor, item level was by far the most significant indicator of the desirability of a potential upgrade. In Legion this is less true, especially in the case of items lacking primary stats (jewelry and trinkets). Everybody should have a profile on Askmrrobot, including a set of stat weights you are confident in. For DPS specs, the default stat weights on AMR are likely very good, but for tanks and healers, some additional tinkering and research may be necessary.

    Additionally, we expect that a basic degree of research into encounters we plan to attempt has been done ahead of time. Icy Veins is usually a strong resource for written guides, and videos (from content creators such as Fatboss) are helpful.

    Finally, our own raid logs should be reviewed frequently and are an incredibly valuable tool in assessing and improving one’s own performance.

    Equipment Modifications and Consumables

    It is expected that everyone will have their equipment prepared as best they can, as well as have consumables on hand.

    In Legion, rings, necklaces, and cloaks are eligible to be enchanted. It is not necessary to break the bank on the highest quality enchants for gear that is likely to be replaced in the short term. There are lesser quality enchants for rings and cloaks that come quite cheap, (“Word of “) , and while necklace enchants will be very expensive for some time you can always fall back on older WoD enchants to hold you over if necessary.

    The situation with gems is similar – you should certainly put the high end gems in your quality gear, but the much cheaper variety is fine for gear that will be out the door shortly.

    Finally, food and flasks are the responsibility of each individual until such time as we are able to stock the guild bank adequately with feasts/cauldrons. Seek out cooks/alchemists in the guild if you need help in this area!

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    Very much looking forward to one hell of a progression push in Legion!

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    Thanks, Ron! Looking forward to it!

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    I can make all of the potions and flasks needed for raids, and I’m sure other alchemists in the guild are close to where I am also. I am hoping I will have cauldrons unlocked by the start of raiding. Here are the mats needed for each specific pot and flask.

    -Leytorrent – restores 250,000 mana over 10 seconds of inactivity.
    1x= 2 starlight rose, 4 aethril, 4 dreamleaf, crystal vial.
    – Deadly Grace – Grants attacks a chance to unleash a bolt of energy at your target. (Caster pot)
    1x= 2 starlight rose, 4 fjarnskaggl, 4 dreamleaf, 1 crystal vial.
    – Old War – ghostly fallen warriors will echo your melee attacks. (Melee pot, obviously.)
    1x= 2 starlight rose, 4 fjarnskaggl, 4 foxflower, 1 crystal vial.
    – Unbending – increase bonus armor by 3500 for 25 sec. (Tank pot)
    1x= 2 starlight rose, 4 aethril, 4 foxflower, 1 crystal vial.
    – Ancient Mana – restores ~168000 mana instantly.
    1x= 4 yseralline seeds, 1 crystal vial.

    -10,000 Scars – increase Stam by 1950 for 1 hour. (Tank Flask)
    1x= 7 starlight rose, 10 aethril, 10 dreamleaf, 1 crystal vial.
    – Countless Armies – increase strength by 1300 for one hour.
    1x= 7 starlight rose, 10 aethril, 10 foxflower, 1 crystal vial.
    -Whispered Pact – increases int by 1300 for 1 hour.
    1x= 7 starlight rose, 10 fjarnskaggl, 10 dreamleaf, 1 crystal vial.
    – Seventh Demon – increases agi by 1300 for 1 hour.
    1x= 7 starlight rose, 10 fjarnskaggl, 10 foxflower, 1 crystal vial.

    Utility Potions:
    -Skaggldrynk – grants invisibility for 18 seconds.
    1x= 5 fjarnskaggl, 1 ancient mana pot.
    – Skystep – increases movement speed by 150% and causes user to hover. Lasts 8 seconds.
    1x= 4 starlight rose, 1 ancient rejuvenation pot.

    Let myself or another alchemist know if you need some pots of flasks.

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    Projected early progression path for Emerald Nightmare (if you want to start looking into fights) is Nythendra -> Elerethe -> Il’gynoth -> Ursoc.

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    Is the best way to request work orders form you via in-game mail? Just send mats and how many potions/flasks I need?

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    I can also make all the stuff Sheamus listed, anybody is welcome to mail me herbs and let me know what flasks/pots you want made with them.

    As herb costs for DPS boosting/armor pots are currently very high (bordering on obscenely so), I’d recommend prioritizing flasks unless you’re willing to do a lot of farming and/or spend a ton of gold. Flasks/Food should be considered mandatory for raids (as well as mana potions for healers, which are very cheap), but burning two DPS pots per boss pull in Legion would currently come at a fairly ridiculous cost.

    I’m also able to make Rank 2 Barracuda Mrglgagh, for anyone who is looking for +300 mastery food. The materials shown on that tooltip yield 7 servings.

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    Yep, just send me in game mail, or message me when Im on.

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    Food-related FYI: I can make Rank 1 Crispy Bacon, which extends your food buff by 1 hour (up to 6 hours). You can usually get the bacon slices needed to make Crispy Bacon from a very quick World Quest. If you’d like Crispy Bacon, just mail me five bacon slices and five Dalepeno Peppers (purchased from Nomi in Dalaran).

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