GW2: Heart of Thorns – Expansion

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    Revealed at PAX: South, GW2: HoT is the first fully featured expansion for the game, continuing the story where Season 2 left off. Mostly just general info right now with some trailers, but A-Net promising “deep dives” on content topics starting soon. First playable demo available at Pax: East I believe.

    Teaser trailer found by players after completing Season 2 in-game:

    Official Heart of Thorns trailer shown at PAX:South:

    PAX: South “Notes”, courtesy of Dulfy:

    Official recording of Pax:South Livestream:

    Good place to re-cap the first two seasons of Living Story:

    I know many people in Verity played GW2 in the past, and I have kept up with the gaming sparingly with its story updates. The game is still very good, has many players, and I think it’s something we should keep our eyes on, even if only as a “casual” game.

    Feel free to add to this thread as more info gets revealed so we can keep the guild informed.

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    I am actually playing GW2 again. I played at release, got an 80 character and stopped. Coming back to the game now, it is almost overwhelming, in a good way.

    There is a TON to do now. Really fun game, free, I’m probably going to invest a lot of time in this since now, it is pretty different from every other MMO out there, there isn’t a end-game burn-out really….just a lot of stuff to do. Going to play and prepare for expansion, let me know if anyone else is playing…

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