Verity’s Wall


  1. You should seriously consider transferring back to SBI Drewbie! Tons have transferred here for the WvW Leagues, and we are looking good to end up in Tier 2. I plan on starting to participate pretty heavily here soon!

  2. I’m still living in a motel room with Internet that makes me think dial up would be more reliable and faster…but I hope to start playing again after moving into my place next week. On Pacific time now ><

  3. To anyone worried about the fact that no one’s really posted on the website in a few weeks….take heart! It’s because we’re all hooked on GW2 and haven’t taken the time to leave game to gush about it!

  4. Yep, Aug 25th for Headstart…they haven’t released what time the servers will open up yet though…not sure if it’ll be right at midnight Friday night or noon PDT like the betas

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