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don't be jelly if i nom this legit moist cake, brah


Learning rogue after playing feral ages you.


Are you CANadian or CANTadian?


Dood, I just laid an egg.


Damn, burned my hotdog taco!


If you haven't selected a class, one will be assigned to you at launch.


I'm trapped in Wolf; I clicked my thing and I can't get out!


See you guys in like 3 hours; gotta go buy the wifey some pants.


Rad! Birds can drop bombs!


...ahh boozing in EQ is great all the great effects of the real stuff minus the morning after sickness.


EC, don't forget to loot the head!

I’m a little more trash friendly now!


It wouldn't be a Verity raid without Stran respeccing.


I am a verbal assassin.


This is odd…I'm alive and everyone else is dead.


Gid: Do you want vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry? Pia: Yes! Gid: Well too bad, you get Demon!

Rogues don't cheat, backstabbers aren't cheaters.


Niner rhymes with whiner.


Ronfar: "Do you not know your way to the instance?" Dashric: "Yeh, I had to walk my dog."

Well, we won.


Aiana: Did he do his fart bubble? Sobriquet: Get out of here! He doesn't do fart bubbles. He's too regal for that.

He sounds like he's constantly licking butter off his fingers. (referring to Odyn in ToV)


Alright I'm naked, gonna go get some food.


The imps are going to make a home in my body, aren't they?


lol, I couldn't help it. I had to stop and frolick with the antelope.


I rerolled pimp this morning.


Bright wizards look like hobos.


Yeah, and I turned down the job for Dali Lama cause the pope position paid better.


I'm like the Red Riding Hood pro.


I got double-pigged in the corner.


Carson sounds like he's perpetually trying to wake up and Mamerro sounds like he's about to run away from a police raid.


We get to beat up a blind guy? I love this game!


It's ok Yeff, you're supposed to have hair there.


He smells like an Apple store that is situated right next to a Starbucks in the fall.


Trula says to the group, hear 'em? These Valley Deer go 'like ehhh, like ehhh.'

Drewbie: My wife said she'd bring me food so I wouldn't have to get up. Wolffire: I want you to scream "hot pocket!" over and over

Kinda like when I was the herbal hunter, now I am the herbal cleanser.


I killed chat :(, i must truly be stunning.


I'm taking more screenshots than when I'm with my baby newphew.


I'm dressed up as a swedish fisherman... thats naked.


My uncle is a warlock.


I aint stickin nothing up my doodle.


I think im going to skip EQ2 and wait for Vanguard. I just love waiting.


Alright, whoever said that is on ignore!


Morning, fellow addicts.


Yeh, I'm wondering if I should respec.


Kill those stripper!!!


I remember wearing black spandex in my band at the 1984 words fair in New Orleans...that was a sight!


Just cause the two guys have handcuffs doesn't mean they are policemen... trust me.


I blame Fulcrum.

This guy will net, run off and kill me. That's his special ability.


Wildstar is like an ex that we still keep tabs on~


My pants broke and my leaf is sticking out!


guides and theory are for science &%$%$ I'll just out skill the numbers with raw talent and emotion!!


Bad people go in the pot!

Apparently his fart bubbles are a Yin Yang symbol. Look closely next time.


Okay, mark it; I healed Wolf at 11:12.


All WoW soundtracks on Spotify now 🙂 I've put Suramar on and am pretending everything I get done today gives rep.


Leorio says to the group, I'm what ya call, 'hard headed.'

Alright we have 3 women, uhh, that's going to be rough. (Referring to Moroes' dinner guests.)


I have PONG FOREVER tattooed on my a--.


Bezard: He doesn't have a microphone. Bbqniner: He's got 2 DJ's, though.

Yo, guess who is in SC2 credits!!!


I mean I wore panty hose for my renaissance fair in high school, but im not telling anyone about it.


If you ain't usin' slam, you ain't goin' ham


There is a frog under my desk, I got to go!


Hmm, should I respect to destro again?


If I liked dudes, I'd make out with Max (Venge).


Rez, how do you say that name? Raid: "Brittiany?" Bezard: Oh, I was trying to think of a way to say more manly.


I'm dressing up as a naked space pirate.


Has it ever been more than 1 click for Fulc's morales to change?


Hey Sav, did you fight that whole fight with the fishing rod?


Did you just say "LOL" instead of laughing?


Kai: Bez, which one is your target? Bezard: It's the, uh, ugly one.

Welcome to Karazhan, check your clothies at the door.


Wolf would talk his own mother into selling her house. I don't know, that didn't make sense.


Once you go Fel, you never unswell.


...sissie...sissie...o m g.... this from the person that doesn't like DOORKNOBS


I dont know anything about America and your gonna give me crap about Canada!!!


It's cake in the park.

Mmmm [strong flux].


I am blood thirsty today.


Venge: What blessing do you want, Stran? Stran: You got a blessing that will turn me into a mage?

I Kermit-ted the heck outta that guy


Server: Atiesh | Faction: Alliance

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History of the Guild

We Are Verity

Verity’s journey began on August 23, 2003, when it was founded by Nettle & Venge as an Everquest 2 hardcore raiding guild. In the months leading up to EQ2’s release, the guild’s member base and its officers were recruited, appointed and elected for the limited number of member slots available.

When EQ2 launched, we were one of the fastest leveling guilds on the Mistmore server achieving both server and world firsts. However, about a month after release, in December 2004, a chain of events occurred propelling the majority of our members onto the PvE Silvermoon server of the newly launched World of Warcraft. Two years later the PvP server Executus opened, to which we transferred, and where you’ll still find us today with a long list of achievements under our raiding belts.


It was a novel idea to keep a raiding guild small back when Everquest was still in its early years. Most guilds recruited mass numbers of players with really no regard for their personalities or reputations. Of course, it was a necessary evil since large numbers of players were needed for the end-game content, but Everquest 2 promised something different and more intimate. So Verity was built on the foundation of carefully recruiting quality people who are also skilled gamers instead of randomly or mass-inviting for the sake of numbers.

Now we’re well into our second decade as a tight-knit gaming community with many of the same members who’ve been with us since the beginning. Our online camaraderie and passion for gaming has blossomed into long-lasting, real-life friendships.

Server: Executus (US)
Faction: Alliance
Timezone: EST
Raid Schedule: Tues/Thurs 7-10 PM
Voice Comm: Discord Verity@Executus

World of Warcraft

Raiding Schedule

Verity is officially an EST guild raiding twice per week, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7PM to 10PM. On occasion this schedule may flex to be more convenient for our raiding members.

Raiding is postponed for WoW Classic

Join Verity

Become A Member

We’ve been around for a long time. One reason why is because we only extend invitations to applicants that not only meet our membership criteria, but also jibe with the rest of the personalities in our guild. 

We invite you to review our requirements on this page and if you feel you meet them then we’d love to hear from you!

seeking a community

We’re not your typical guild and we’re looking for folks in it for the long haul, like us.

minimum age 25

We’re a mature crowd. Verity’s average member age is 30-something.

striving for improvement

You stay informed of your role/class, are punctual and always trying to improve.


Verity’s full of kind, charming and skilled people. We seek more of the same.


Say Hello


Your message will be read by a guild officer. For the fastest correspondence, we suggest visiting our Discord server where the names of our guild officers are highlighted.