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  • Twin Ogron pulverized! First kill.

    Tectus dusted ~ Twin Ogron pulverized

    We finally managed to field a 100% Verity raid group for Highmaul on Tuesday, and were able to learn and successfully defeat both Tectus and the Twin Ogron. The battle with Tectus was intense and anything but clean, but in classic Verity fashion victory was stolen from the jaws of defeat! Grats to everyone on […]

  • Butcher Down - WoW Raiding in WoD!

    Kargath and The Butcher Down! We’re Back!

    After the WoW servers didn’t cooperate with us on Tuesday, the first Verity raid in what seems like forever (how many years?) dropped two bosses in Highmaul on Thursday. Grats to Drubie, Shab’s Bro, Eri, Wolf, Chyster, and anyone else who got loot! We’re still waiting on some of the cavalry to arrive and round […]