• Happy Birthday, Verity!

    Verity celebrates its 7th birthday today, August 23, 2010! Marking the guild’s birthday is more than just counting the years we’ve been together, it’s also about reflecting on the people that make up Verity. Thank you to our members and officers, who have

  • Can You Feel It?

    Summertime. Friends. Clean roster. It can only mean one thing…Verity’s casual-gaming fest has begun! The rumors are true: Venge and Nettle and other Verity Old Timers have been spotted lint-rolling their tabards and patching up their gear in what can only be described as “deja vu.”

  • New Website Launched!

    It’s that time of year again where the website gets an update and this time we’re afraid it’s undergone a complete overhaul! Due to time constraints our past websites haven’t always carried over the content from their predecessors, but this year is different. We’ve shaken the dust off

  • Verity Website Gets A Facelift!

    It’s that time again and while the website has changed your username and password is still the same! If you’re unable to login please request a password change on the forums. If you still experience trouble please contact Zandraya.

  • What’s Going On With Verity?

    In response to the questions and comments we’ve received lately we decided to make a public post to clear up any confusion about Verity’s recent decision to suspend raiding after downing Illidan, and the relation, or lack thereof, to the new guild that has sprung up.

  • On The Horizon…

    With TBC coming out early next week we’ll see a lot of exciting changes to WoW and with that will come some changes to Verity as well. We hope you’ve had a chance to relax and enjoy the holidays (and organized PvP!) because we’re going to be getting back to guild business soon! Check back […]

  • Rajaxx on the Rocks

    Big thanks to everyone who came out to the AQ20 run last week! Its been a while since we all got together and pounded on some raid bosses. Downing the bosses played second string the skirmishes with an AQ40 raid at the gates and an (almost) flawless execution at Rajaxx. Positioning is everything! re the […]

  • Before the Storm: WoW Patch. Dec. 5th

    Bliz just announced the release date for the next (and last pre-expansion) content patch: December 5th. There are tons of changes; most notably all classes are getting their new talent trees and the completely reworked pvp rewards system is being introduced. Also, vanish has been fixed and mages get a new spell icon! You can […]

  • Join Us in IRC

    You can now visit us in IRC from the comfort of our website. Simply click on the “IRC Chat” link on the main menu to the left to be instantly connected. You will need Java installed and will be prompted if it is not already installed on your computer. You can find us in IRC […]

  • New Website!

    We’re pleased to launch our new and improved website! We’ve added many more features and better organized our content so it’s easy to find. You’ll also notice we now have a public news section along with our private news for Verity members only. Your username and password has remained the same from the old website, […]

  • All Welcome New Members

    Welcome the two newest members of Guild Verity: Lozar (Mage) Dorin (Priest) Please make them feel at home. We are looking forward to many adventures in EQ2 with both of you.

  • Welcome 3 New Members!

    We kick off September with the addition of 3 great new members. Please join us in welcoming Bango (Fighter), Vexxus (Fighter) and Tysiphone (Scout). Welcome to Verity, we’re pleased to have you guys onboard! Also, in case you missed the important announement last night, we are no longer accepting Fighter archetype applications. Visit the August […]