• Beastlord Darmac first kill, Feb 5th 2015

    Beastlord Darmac Falls

    What do a dire wolf, elekk, and rylak have in common? They all failed to stop fifteen of Verity’s finest from putting down Beastlord Darmac on Thursday. Oregorger, Flamebender Ka’graz, and Kromog will join him soon!

  • Gruul first kill, Blackrock Foundry Feb 3rd 2015

    Blackrock Foundry Opens, Two Bosses Down – Realm First!

    Our first foray into Blackrock Foundry went down on Tuesday, and we managed kills of Hans’gar and Franzok as well as our old friend Gruul. Oregorger proved a little more than we could handle, but we’ll be back for him shortly! The Hans’gar and Franzok fight was definitely a lot of fun, and may have […]

  • Heroic Ko'ragh first kill, Jan 29th 2015

    More Heroic Progress ~ 7/7N, 5/7H

    We finished the week with two additional progression first kills: Heroic Tectus followed by Heroic Ko’ragh. This brings us to a total of 5 of 7 bosses downed in Heroic Highmaul, with Normal fully cleared. Not too shabby heading into Blackrock Foundry next week! Grats to everyone on loot, and way to stick with it […]

  • Imperator Mar'gok First Kill - Jan 27th, 2015

    Highmaul Clear ~ Imperator Defeated ~ 7/7N, 3/7H HM

    We had one goal on Tuesday, and that was to clear normal Highmaul for the first time. Thanks to the work we had put previously into the Imperator Mar’gok encounter, it only took us three attempts (including a 7% wipe on pull #2) in order to get the job done. Great job everyone, and appropriate […]

  • Ko'ragh first kill - Jan 13th, 2015

    Ko’ragh broken! One to go…

    In true Verity fashion, Ko’ragh fell on our last attempt of the night. Great job everyone on some solid execution, we’ve bested our first true test in Highmaul. The much greater challenge still awaits: Imperator Mar’gok! Let’s get him down before the launch of Blackrock Foundry. Grats to those who picked up loot, there was […]

  • Brackenspore first kill, Jan 6th 2015

    Brackenspore lit up; Kargath heroically vanquished

    Our raid schedule started up again on Tuesday, and yielded two new first kills: Normal Brackenspore and Heroic Kargath. Brackenspore was a close call: at the time of his death the room was almost entirely moss! Kargath was more cooperative and shelled out his sweet 670 rewards without much complaining. Grats to all on loot, […]

  • Happy 2015

    Happy 2015, Verity!

    We’d like┬áto take a moment to wish our Verity family a very Happy New Year! May it be a prosperous and memorable one. As we enter our 12th year as a guild together we want to thank you for your friendship and for making Verity so special. We’re looking forward to forging new memories in […]

  • New Website - 2015

    New Website Launched!

    So, it’s a bit overdue especially considering many of you heard me talking about the new site in the works when summer was just on the horizon, however, now that New Year’s is upon us I think it goes without saying I got a little sidetracked. But the new Verity website is here now and […]

  • Twin Ogron pulverized! First kill.

    Tectus dusted ~ Twin Ogron pulverized

    We finally managed to field a 100% Verity raid group for Highmaul on Tuesday, and were able to learn and successfully defeat both Tectus and the Twin Ogron. The battle with Tectus was intense and anything but clean, but in classic Verity fashion victory was stolen from the jaws of defeat! Grats to everyone on […]

  • Butcher Down - WoW Raiding in WoD!

    Kargath and The Butcher Down! We’re Back!

    After the WoW servers didn’t cooperate with us on Tuesday, the first Verity raid in what seems like forever (how many years?) dropped two bosses in Highmaul on Thursday. Grats to Drubie, Shab’s Bro, Eri, Wolf, Chyster, and anyone else who got loot! We’re still waiting on some of the cavalry to arrive and round […]