Another raid day, another first kill in the Foundry for Verity.

Five shots at Flamebender Ka’graz was all it took to score us our first Tier pieces in Draenor. The previously vanquished Hans/Franz, Darmac, and Gruul all got one shot. Loot was plentiful, and we’re all set up to push progression even further on Thursday!

Congrats to EC and Gid on their Tier chests, Eriana on her [Meaty Dragonspine Trophy] (I’m not sure if she ever managed to get the original [Dragonspine Trophy] back in BC), and Lunar on [Ka’graz’s Burning Blade].

Also, grats Piddles on [Ironcrusher’s Collar] which makes it look like he is always very happy to see us. May nobody ever harvest your lower horn.