Clipped from Verity's first website in 2003

It’s that time of year again where the website gets an update and this time we’re afraid it’s undergone a complete overhaul! Due to time constraints our past websites haven’t always carried over the content from their predecessors, but this year is different. We’ve shaken the dust off some of the guild archives including videos, images and news and made them available on the new website (not all of these archives are available to the public). Old timers can look back and reminisce and folks that haven’t been with us as long can peek into the guild’s early years.

In addition to the new look which has eliminated a lot of clutter, you’ll find that the forums are using a completely different system with many new features not offered on our former boards. All the forums, topics and posts have been preserved, however, you may need to reupload your avatar which you can do via your profile.

Members, when logged in you will see member-only features including a menu option to go to the Members Only section. Here you’ll find the guild handbook, private galleries, links, etc.

If you find a bug, run into an error message or have a question about the new website, please contact Nettle. Be as specific as possible in your message and include error text and a way to reproduce the error, if possible.

Check out past versions of our guild website in the gallery below. We hope you enjoy the new site. Tell us what you think and/or give a shout-out on Verity’s Wall!

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