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Golly gee willikers, the new Verity website is live! Our astute members probably saw this coming, in celebration of Verity’s 9th birthday this month, and in anticipation of Guild Wars 2, a game we’ve been waiting forever for, it was time to introduce our new website and put the old website out to pasture. She’s there now grazing peacefully with her predecessors in our Past Verity Websites Gallery.

Rethought – Rebuilt

Since the purpose of our Verity community is to connect, build friendships and game together the new website was rethought and rebuilt from scratch with this concept in mind. Now there’s a place to add your gaming IDs under your profile so other members can find you no matter what you’re playing. Members can quickly see an overview of the games we’re playing and who’s playing what. Each game is its own group and when you join one you can participate in the game-specific chat, post updates and invite others to join. If you stop playing a game simply leave the group.

Easier Member Area Access

You’ll also notice there’s a black navigation bar running across the top of your page. You’ll only see this when you’re logged in because it provides member-only links to restricted areas within the website. On the left you’ll find the Guild Handbook, IRC Info, a link to our Facebook page and you can view the Vent server status quickly with a mouseover. On the right you will see your notifications such as private messages or group invites if you have any pending. Links to manage your profile, avatar, signature and more can be found in the drop-down menu below your name.

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You’ve Been Quoted

Help keep the guild quotes on the Home page fresh by submitting your favorites when you hear or see them. Just click on the Add A Quote button below the quote and your entry will be automatically added to the rotation!

Share A Verity Moment

The new and improved image galleries are here! Lots of new and maybe never-before-seen screenshots have been added. You can contribute, too! Just click the Share A Verity Moment button at the top.

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Guild Messages

Officers and Veterans: On the Home page, to the left, you may have noticed the Guild Message chat bubble. This is kind of like a MOTD for our website. Let’s use it to let the rest of the guild know what’s going on such as GW2 stress test opportunities or maybe you’ve organized a group of people to play a game on Thursdays. Since this is the first-seen area by most people coming to the website it’s a great place to make announcements so let’s put it to good use! You can enter a new guild message by clicking the Add Guild Message button right below the chat bubble. Enter a title and your message then submit. Your message will show up immediately.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get this section finished before launch – it’s about halfway there. I will let you know as soon as it’s live.

Use Your Same Login

The new website has converted your username and password so you can use the same one you used for the last website. If you have any trouble logging in let me know and I’ll get you set up.

*Poof* Avatars & Sigs

Sadly since we moved the forums to a new framework your avatar and signature are long gone. However, it’s easy to add new ones! Simply go to your profile where you can change both.

More To Come

More features that didn’t make it in before launch are on the way. While you’re checking out the new site if you stumble across any bugs or something doesn’t look quite right please drop me a line, please.

Note: Yes, there is some garbled code in some of the forum posts that used bbcode. Unfortunately there is no fix at this time (no matter how bad it bugs me).