So, it’s a bit overdue especially considering many of you heard me talking about the new site in the works when summer was just on the horizon, however, now that New Year’s is upon us I think it goes without saying I got a little sidetracked. But the new Verity website is here now and it’s my Happy New Year’s gift to you!

Your login has stayed the same and most everything should be where you’d expect to find it. Besides the design overhaul the backend has been updated significantly so hopefully you’ll notice things running a bit faster. The design is now responsive meaning it should look good across all your devices, but if you run across anything funky looking or find something you suspect might be a bug please drop me a line (and don’t forget to include the device and browser you’re using).

There are more features planned that didn’t make it in yet, so keep your fingers crossed.

If you’re in the mood to reminisce you’ll be glad to know our video gallery is back and you’ll find it with the rest of our galleries. Sadly some of the older videos are such poor quality they didn’t make it in the gallery. However, if you have a Verity video gem stashed somewhere send it my way! Speaking of galleries here’s a look back at our past websites:

Websites of Verity’s Past