We’re pleased to launch our new and improved website! We’ve added many more features and better organized our content so it’s easy to find. You’ll also notice we now have a public news section along with our private news for Verity members only.

Your username and password has remained the same from the old website, so simply use that to login. If you have any problems please contact Nettle. **NOTE: If you registered in the last couple of days you may need to re-register. We apologize for this inconvenience due to the conversion.

Regarding the forums…since we converted from PHPBB some of the posts contain PHPBB code for images and text styles. Unfortunately, these codes are displayed in the posts in our new forums, and so some of the older posts may look a bit funky. 🙁

Also, due to some RL upcoming projects we had to rush launch a bit, so if you find any bugs or something you think needs attention just email the URL of the page or a description of the problem to Nettle. More features and adjustments are coming soon as this is just the first phase, so be sure to check back often!