For 6 years we’ve used the same trusty Ventrilo server and it has served its purpose, but now Ventrilo is heading down the path trailblazed by the dinosaurs. With our annual Ventrilo contract up for renewal in a week we decided to explore our options. Today we are excited to introduce you to Mumble, our new guild VOIP!

Zomg, how do I get set up for Guild Wars 2?

No worries. When you’ve got 5 minutes follow the Mumble instructions and you’ll be all set. These instructions can also be found on your member bar under Mumble Server -> Help – Mumble Setup along with the server connection information (it has replaced the Ventrilo Server menu item). If you have problems or questions jump in IRC.

Mumble Features

Mumble is too far advanced with too many features to ignore. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites below. Plus, the low latency could mean the difference between dodging and dead.

  • Hear it faster. Extremely low latency; communications happen in milliseconds. Even low-ping Vent servers have a 1-2 second delay.
  • Best quality. Uses the cutting-edge CELT codec for maximum clarity.
  • Automatic normalization. Adjusts the volume automatically so you don’t have to adjust each person manually.
  • Positional audio. Hear your teammates as though they are speaking from their relative position in-game. Seriously. Guild Wars 2 support has already been added.
  • Overlay. See who’s talking even while you’re in-game.
  • Volume attention. Automatically lowers the volume of other system sounds when someone is talking. (This can be disabled.)
  • Comments & Channels. Text chat alongside voice chat.
  • Customizable. Create customized layouts or skins.
  • Text Messages. Per-channel and per-user (private messages).
  • Smartphone Apps. Yes, finally! Use Mumble with iPhone or Android.