It’s that time again and while the website has changed your username and password is still the same! If you’re unable to login please request a password change on the forums. If you still experience trouble please contact Zandraya.

It seems about once a year Verity’s website gets a facelift, but this year the site got a little more than a facelift. Below the redesigned surface is a new foundation and fresh database. The new site, as we’ll describe in more detail below, is extremely flexible and will allow for plenty of future growth. Although the forums are still the same below the surface, they got a new look to match that of the new site.

What you see on the website now are most of the basic features up and running. There’s still more data that needs to be transferred, features that need to be implemented and odds and ends that need tweaked, but these things will be done as time permits. As usual, there will almost certainly be bugs and should you come across one please send it to us.

To expand on some of the features:

  • A better and more flexible news system
  • Public and private image galleries for screenshots, real life pictures and more
  • An automated application process to help the officers to manage new apps
  • Easier to conduct polls and even a “Would U Rather” section!
  • Random quotes by past and present Verity members on the Home page
  • Special access menus for members and officers to contribute and review content

There are really too many things to list and you’ll see more on your own as you browse the website. Those with proper access will notice a separate menu on the left under the main navigation which links to restricted areas.We’ve added a Member Entertainment section to the news so Guild Scribes, and others with access, can keep us informed of what’s up on Verity’s social scene. Scribes will also be able to submit random quotes and other items that would normally appear in our guild newsletter.

If you have any ideas for site features please let me know. There are a lot of things that can be done more easily with the new site than the previous one.

So now you know where I disappeared to over the past couple of weeks and why I’ve been so quiet in IRC. I was hoping to have this up and running in half this time, but I should have known better. I would like to thank Venge for being so patient with me while I worked on the site. <3

During all this converting, importing and transferring some data may have become lost, some links may be broken and some users may experience technical difficulties. If you do experience trouble with your account or you stumble onto a bug, please be sure to either send me a PM or use the contact form.

As always, thank you for your patience while the site gets settled into its new home. We’re looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it!