• (H)KJ first kill, Sept 7th, 2017

    (H)Kil’jaeden down ~ Tomb of Sargeras clear!

    Lucky number 60 (pull) was the charm. Two people alive at the end, with several clutch moments throughout the fight. True Verity fashion. Really proud of our raid team this tier, sticking it out and getting the job done. Congrats all!

  • (H)Elisande first kill, Feb 23rd 2017

    Time Is On Our Side ~ 9/10(H) Nighthold

    More solid progress this week, as Elisande fell after a good amount of effort. We’re about ten wipes deep on Gul’dan so far, who looks like will be a reasonable challenge. Another tier is almost complete!

  • (H)Botanist first kill, Feb 17, 2017

    Botanist Burned ~ 8/10(H) Nighthold

    Our rescheduled valentines raid paid immediate dividends as we one shot Botanist right off the bat. It’s amazing what you can manage when you control the lashers! Some good progress was made on Elisande, but she is definitely looking like a stiff challenge – and we did see Phase 3 at least once. Two more […]

  • (H)Tichondrius - Feb 16th, 2017

    A Cure For Tichondrius ~ 7/10(H) Nighthold

    We sure know how to keep things interesting, and blowing up half the raid with the boss at 5% is one way to do it. We prevailed however, and steady progression continues. Botanist is all that is left between us and the final two~.

  • (H)Spellblade Aluriel first kill, Feb 2nd 2017

    Half Way Home ~ 5/10(H) Nighthold

    Krosus and Spellblade Aluriel fell on progression night this week, bringing us to the half way point of Heroic Nighthold. Congrats to those who picked up loot, particularly their heroic tier chests!

  • (H)Guarm first kill, December 8th 2016

    All Guarms Go To Heaven ~ 2/3(H) Trial of Valor

    After working hard to repeat our Odyn kill from last week, we made it to Guarm with an hour left in our allotted raid time and downed him right at the buzzer in true Verity fashion. Only (H)Helya remains before it’s all farm status until Nighthold!

  • (H)Odyn first kill, Nov 30th 2016

    Verity Shocks (H)Odyn, Goes 1/3(H) Trial of Valor

    After a 0.7% wipe about two hours into our progression on (H)Odyn, we managed a (sort of) kill about a half hour later. Granted, Odyn was still standing at 10% health and our entire raid was dead, but he gave us loot nonetheless. Items included a couple 895 titanforges, so our efforts were well rewarded. […]

  • (N)Helya, Nov 8th 2016

    Three Up, Three Down ~ 3/3(N) Trial of Valor

    The Trial of Valor launched today, and after going into full progression mode we managed to successfully clear the place on normal difficulty. Helya in particular was quite a battle, and both Helya and to a lesser extent Guarm were tuned quite aggressively in my opinion. I’m guessing we’ll have some stiff challenges ahead in […]

  • (H)Cenarius first kill - Oct 20, 2016

    All Natural ~ 6/7(H) Nightmare

    Progression night yielded another new notch on our raiding belt Thursday, as we took out Cenarius in a little over an hour of work. Grats to Byrdie on the awesome Legendary as well as the 890 cloak. Xavius proved to be a bit more stubborn, with our best attempt managing 13%. It shouldn’t be too […]