• (H)Elerethe Renferal first kill - Oct 13, 2016

    Slime Time and Spidercide ~ 5/7(H) Nightmare

    After managing another (H)Ursoc kill on Thursday, we moved into progression mode and had a very impressive showing. Our earlier work on (H)Il’gynoth paid off, and after about an hour or so of work he fell. Through constant strategy iteration on Elerethe we went from terrible to extremely solid execution, and finished her off after […]

  • (H)Ursoc first kill, October 6th 2016

    (H)Ursoc Barely Dies ~ Verity Goes 3/7(H) Nightmare

    After getting a little bit better each attempt, we stretched more and more DPS/HPS and execution out of our raid force and managed yet another progression kill, this time putting (H)Ursoc to sleep. Much progress was also made on (H)Il’gynoth, and we expect him to join the kill shot parade shortly.

  • (H)Dragons of Nightmare - Oct 4, 2016

    Dragons of Nightmare Drop ~ 2/7(H) Nightmare

    Farm night had a little progression added to it on Tuesday, when with very little time left in our raid and having already cleared all previously defeated content, we resumed work on (H)Dragons, to which we had a 1% wipe the week prior. Fortunately we didn’t need much time, as they went down in one […]

  • Xavius first kill - September 29th, 2016

    We Only Need One Shot ~ 7/7(N) | 1/7(H) Emerald Nightmare

    Thursday was pretty special. In what has been almost a decade of serving as a raid leader for Verity, I’m not sure I’ve ever been as surprised as I was on Thursday. We knew after Tuesday’s raid that the goal for Thursday was Xavius, and homework was assigned. The encounter is fairly complex, and on […]

  • (N)Cenarius first kill - September 27th 2016.

    Verity Kicks Off Raiding In Legion, Goes 6/7(N) Nightmare

    Verity’s first official raid of Legion took place on Tuesday, and it was remarkable for a few different reasons. We tore through (N)Emerald Nightmare, killing six bosses – not wiping more than once to any encounter attempted. We were gifted two legendaries and a hidden artifact appearance, among a ton of other impressive loot. Congrats […]

  • Heroic Socrethar first kill - September 17th, 2015

    (H)Zakuun and (H)Socrethar Bite the Dust ~ 9/13(H)HFC

    Thursday was a pure progression raid, and progression was had! We started with Heroic Fel Lord Zakuun (because Heroic Socrethar is mean and we hate him), and made steady progress learning the mechanics we didn’t really need to pay attention to on normal. We steadily improved, and following three wipes we had a kill under […]

  • (N)Archimonde first kill - Sept 25th, 2015

    (N)Archimonde Annihilated ~ Normal HFC Clear!

    After being adjusted for smaller group sizes (like ours!), Archimonde only lasted two attempts on Tuesday. With that, we are content complete in normal difficulty for this expansion. Really solid execution by everyone on the kill, in which we ranked nicely for execution on warcraftlogs! Pretty impressive for a first kill. Congrats on the four […]

  • Shadow-sage Iskar

    (H)Iskar Grounded ~ 7/13 (H)HFC

    We marched back into Heroic Hellfire Citadel on Thursday, and despite making it into progression time with only thirty minutes left in our raid, managed a new kill nonetheless! Unfortunately the screenshot appears to have evaded me, damn you PRTSCR button. Grats to everyone on their loot tonight, it certainly felt like we picked up […]

  • (H)Gorefiend first kill, August 20th, 2015.

    Plentiful Progression ~ 6/13 (H)HFC

    For the first time in quite a while, we had a raid night dedicated almost entirely to progression content. We made the most of this luxury, and knocked out three new heroic bosses: Hellfire Council (easy), Kilrogg Deadeye, and through a pretty excellent display of execution, Gorefiend as well! Very well done this week folks.

  • Heroic Kormrok first kill - August 13th, 2015

    Getting Heroic ~ 3/13 (H)HFC

    We made our first voyage into heroic HFC during the last 90 minutes of our raid on Thursday, and managed to knock out three bosses. Hellfire Assault took a few tries, Iron Reaver got one shot, and Kormrok fell after three attempts. Congrats to everyone on their loot! I imagine we’ll see quite a bit […]