Calling all shutterbugs! Scavenger hunting meets creative photography in the new Verity Photo Challenge. It’s easy to play along by taking photos based on the list of words/phrases provided weekly, beginning this week. After you’ve taken your pictures simply upload them to our group pool on Flickr. The name of our group is PixelElated. Here’s how it works:

  • Join our group by sending a message to Nettle either through Flickr (nettle.verity) or email (nettle at and you’ll be sent an invitation.
  • The words/phrases and upload deadline for the current week will be posted on the Group page.
  • Each word or phrase represents 1 photo you will take. You can choose 1 word/phrase from the list, choose a few or take a picture for each one. (Note: the picture(s) must be taken by you specifically for the week’s challenge.)
  • Upload your photos by the deadline and browse and comment on the pictures taken by the other members of our group.
  • An example: Let’s say a word on the list is “orange”, so take a picture of something orange, maybe a construction barrel or a pair of orange socks. You can stop there or go for another word/phrase on the list, let’s say “Made of Paper.” Now you’ll take a picture of something made from paper. After you’ve taken pictures of all the words/phrases you want it’s time to upload them to our group pool

This is a really simple and fun game with no right or wrong way to take your picture. The concept was introduced to us by Tinylock and it’s a way for us to enjoy ourselves by capturing the world through our lenses, sharing it with our friends and appreciating the unique ways we each interpret the challenges.

If you have any questions feel free to pop in IRC or send Nettle a message. We look forward to seeing you soon!