Verity is excited to introduce our newest members, please join us in welcoming them into the fold:

Well-experienced MMOer with WoW raid leading experience. Lives in North Dakota, has a son and serves in the National Guard. (We thank you for your service!)

Has played WoW for the last 9 years, enjoys raiding and PvP and holds tops rankings in BF4. He currently works in IT in Atlanta. He joins us along with his friend Neverlock.

Began his MMO journey with Everquest and jumped into WoW right around release. He’s married with 2 furry kids and enjoys outdoor activities when he’s not gaming.

A 10+ year veteran of WoW with guild leadership and plenty raiding experience. Works as a 3D designer in Chicago and is the RL significant other of Byrdie.

New to WoW, she has quickly progressed from level 1 to Heroic raider. With a masters in creative writing she’s a senior creative strategist in Chicago and lives with her dog and 2 kitties.

WoWing it up since Vanilla but new to raiding with WoD, he hails from Chicago where he works as a wedding photographer. He also enjoys baking bread and taunting us with photos of his creations.

Although she’s not new to WoW she recently began her journey into the world of raiding as a healer.  Zackary is her RL brother and Elijahwood is her RL boyfriend.