• Reins of the Grove Warden

    Get Your Moose Mount!

    Verity is hosting 2 separate Archi runs to help those that haven’t secured their Reins of the Grove Warden mount yet. If you still need yours, or if you have yours already and are willing to lend a hand to your fellow guildies, please sign up to attend via the guild calendar in-game. Ronfar is […]

  • Legion Pre-Expansion Patch

    Legion Roll Call

    The Legion pre-expansion patch is nearly here! Will you be joining us? Let us know in the Legion Roll Call thread.

  • hanzo-mercy

    Overwatch is Finally Here

    The long-awaited launch of Overwatch finally rolled out earlier this week to the overwhelming joy of many and was quite possibly the smoothest launch we’ve ever seen. Amazing, right? Indeed.  Wanna see who’s playing? Check out Verity’s Overwatch Roll Call. If you’ve spent any length of time playing Overwatch then you’re probably completely addicted by now. […]

  • WildStar F2P

    WildStar F2P is Almost Here

    Just in case you haven’t heard the whispers, some Verity members plan to check out WildStar when it goes free-to-play on September 29 (view Roll Call).  If you’re interested in joining us (and we hope you do!) there are a few things you should know:

  • queue

    Server Change

    Due to excessively long queue times we have switched to the Warbringer PvP server. See you there!

  • recruiting

    We’re Recruiting

    About We’re Verity, an 11-year old multi-gaming guild, probably best described as a small, tight-knit gaming community. Our members are experienced, passionate and personable gamers and we’re looking for more of the same. If you’ve been searching for a gaming “home” with a proven history instead of watching another start-up guild crumble down around you, […]

  • wildstar-server

    WildStar Server: Warbringer

    Verity has chosen Warbringer as our PvP server in WildStar. Servers open at 12:01 AM PST on Saturday morning, May 31st, which presents us with a dilemma whether to nap early on Friday or pretend like we’ll sleep well Saturday night.

  • wildstar-release

    -=Verity=- In WildStar

    Get ready for WildStar this weekend when head start begins at 12:01 AM PST on Saturday morning! We’ve put together lots of information for you, so check it out… you don’t want to get left behind.