• Mannoroth first kill - July 30th, 2015

    Xhul’horac and Mannoroth Down ~ 12/13 (N)HFC

    We had our first progression night in some time on Thursday, and definitely made the most of it. Xul’horac fell first half way into the raid, and (somewhat) unexpectedly Mannoroth dropped over dead about an hour later. Grats to our Paladins on their Tier pieces! Make sure you know the Archimonde fight heading into the […]

  • (N)Velhari first kill - July 9th, 2015

    10/13 (N)HFC ~ Socrethar Down ~ Tyrant Velhari Toppled

    Progress is on menu this week! Following our two first kills on Tuesday, we added two more on Thursday. Socrethar fell first, after putting up a bit more of a fight than we were expecting. It turns out controlling a giant robot that can do 150k DPS is a lot of fun. Tyrant Velhari died, […]

  • (N)Fel Lord Zakuun - July 7th, 2015

    Iskar and Zakuun Down ~ 8/13 (N)HFC

    Tuesday was a particularly interesting raid night. We were short healers and had to PuG two folks to get started, but ended up plowing through all our farm content and eventually picked up two first kills (one shots) during the last 40 minutes of our time. Iskar bit the dust first, and though I really […]

  • (N)Gorefiend first kill - June 30th, 2015

    Gorefiend Gutted ~ 6/13HFC

    Gorefiend only lasted three attempts in our fresh instance on Tuesday. It was a very close call at the end, but victory was ours. Grats to Piddles on our first Tier legs of HFC! We put in about 30 minutes on Iskar, and it feels like we’re already pretty close to a kill. It’s definitely […]

  • (N)Kilrogg Deadeye first kill - June 23rd, 2015

    Maiden Voyage ~ 5/13N HFC

    With patch 6.2 launching today, we made our first trip into Hellfire Citadel. Being a wee-bit overgeared for the initial content in Normal difficulty, we managed one-shots of Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, and the Hellfire High Council. Kormrok took two tries, while Kilrogg took four. Five new bosses in one night isn’t anything to scoff […]

  • (H)Blackhand first kill - May 4th, 2015

    Sweet Satisfaction ~ (H)BRF Clear ~ (H)Blackhand Down!

    It has been a long time coming. 74 attempts over a long period of frequently not having a force ready to put time in. Tonight, however, (H)Blackhand finally fell. Truly, it is difficult to overstate how meaningful and epic this kill was. He died on our last attempt of the night, in what may very […]

  • (H)Blast Furnace first kill - April 21st, 2015

    (H)Furnace Fizzled ~ 9/10 (H)BRF ~ One More Challenge

    Despite losing one tank two thirds of the way through the final phase of the fight, and the other with the Heart of the Mountain at 10% health, we managed a pretty epic progression kill on Thursday. Well done folks, particularly those DPS who stepped up to tank us to victory! Only (H)Blackhand remains…

  • (H)Maidens first kill - April 16th, 2015

    (H)Maidens Blown Up – 8/10H BRF

    After putting in a lot of work on Thursday with the ten brave souls present, we earned a progression kill of (H)Iron Maidens through some excellent execution. Two more progression steps to go before 6.2!

  • (N)Blackhand first kill - April 7th, 2015

    Blackhand Butchered – (N)BRF Clear!

    Heading into Tuesday we knew it was time to take care of our business with Blackhand, and after a few deep breaths we were able to do so. Great job so far on this tier of content, but we’ve still got some hard work ahead of us to finish our heroic progression and be content […]

  • (H)Imperator Mar'gok first kill - March 26th, 2015

    (H)Imperator Mar’gok Finally Falls

    Verity finally got the (H)Mar’gok monkey off our back and completed Ahead of the Curve: Imperator’s Fall. Better late than never! It only took us one shot, though it was one hell of an epic finish. Four folks were left alive, and all with little more than a sliver of health. We did the final […]

  • Blast Furnace first kill - March 12th, 2015

    Blast Furnace Extinguished ~ 9/10 (N)BRF

    We took our first shot at the Blast Furnace encounter on Thursday, and five attempts later we had a kill. It was definitely a very interesting encounter, with something of an “old school” vibe to it. Great job by our healers holding things together at the end! Blackhand next.